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    Obituary (original): "died Wednesday afternoon at the Hoster farm south of Wimbledon. The deceased had been in poor health for a number of years, and (her death was unexpected). A short funeral service was held at the home this afternoon, Rev. Riddle of the Presbyterian church of Courtenay officiating. Her remains were shipped to Minneapolis for burial.
    Burial location (Wimbledon (ND) is home of Walter Hoster JR.

    "Living with widowed mother and husband in Lockport, NY, 1880" (Reese reference #2
    Re: Christina Stahl Hoster: "Aunt Tinie and her granddaughter, Charlotte Irgens, lived in Valley City, ND" (Reese online notes #20

    Death data - Source: Christina Hoster, "Minnesota, Death Records, 1866-1916"
    Event Date:      04 Oct 1905
    Event Place:      Wimbledon, North Dakota
    Age: 56

    Source Information
    Year: 1880 census Place: Lockport, Niagara, New York;Roll: T9_901;
    Family History Film: 1254901;Page: 538C;Enumeration District: 202;Image: 0657.

    Listed in 1880 census as "daughter" Christina Hoster (head of household as Elizabeth Stahl - living with mother in Lockport, Niagara, NY; age at time of census is 32 with estimated birth year 1848

    Head Elizabeth (maiden name Bachman) Stahl F 65 Pennsylvania, United States
    Daughter Margaret Stahl F 44 New York, United States
    Daughter Salome Stahl F 37 New York, United States
    Daughter Mary Stahl F 34 New York, United States
    Son George Stahl M 28 New York, United States
    Daughter Catherine Ingalls F 42 New York, United States
    Daughter Christina Hoster F 32 New York, United States
    Son-in-law Geo. W. Hoster M 34 New York, United States
    Grandson Chas. S. Ingalls M 17 New York, United States
    Grandson Wm. B. Ingalls M 15 New York, United States
    Granddaughter Nina E. Hoster F 4 New York, United States
    Grandson Walter S. Hoster M 2 New York, United States
    Sister Catherine Fisher F 72 Pennsylvania, United States
    10 Total Ancestors (7 are uncertain)
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Generation 1
[1]   Christina Stahl (~1849-1905) NY-
Generation 2
[2]   (John) (Charles) William Stahl (~1803-1874) PA-NY-PA
[3]   Elizabeth Reese (1813-1889) PA-NY
Generation 3
[4]   John Stahl (-)
[6]   Jacob Reese (1786-1869) PA-NY
[7]   Solome Reis (1784-1872) PA-NY
Generation 4
[12]   William W. (Rieser) Reese (1756-1852) PA-NY
[13]   _____ Margaret (~1758-)
[14]   Johan Georg (George) Reis (1749-1825)
[15]   Margaret (Kighly) (Kechele) Kigli (-)
Generation 5
[25]   Anna Barbara Steinman (1714-1782)
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