Lyrics: Daylight

by Steve Eggers

The more I’m talking the more you’re walking away,
yea you get a little farther with every single word i say.
If I’m silent as the night it doesn’t make it right or ok,
and the longer I’m without you the harder it becomes to see

Day light, day light to see,
what I need to do to prove to you how much you mean to me.
Give me that day light, day light to show,
if you’re smiling or you’re crying just tell me what i need to know.

Sitting in the silence of the old savannah county jail,
how many days and nights would pass I will never know or tell.
But waiting in the darkness I would close my eyes so tight and I’d say,
how the amber in your eyes used to wake me with the rise of the


Oh I know it’s not been easy in the time since we’ve been apart,
yea I tried to crack a smile when you found a boy to ease your heart.
And more and more it seems that the lord did only deem that we pray,
but soon we will see that we only ever needed the