Family Tree ~ Living Persons

Living Relatives

In publishing this family tree data I have tried to balance the privacy needs of living relatives, while displaying sufficient information to allow proper research and discovery for those seeking to further their family history.

I have learned that many genealogy websites hide all information, including names, of living people. The result is that anyone who wants to search for themselves or other living relatives would never find, or be able to make use of, the information contained in the family tree.

I decided to include the full names and personal data of living adults in the Viani/Hoster families in order to make this family tree searchable and cohesive. Personal data includes, but is not limited to, birth/marriage dates/locations, photographs, notes, and biographies. Please note that, aside from their names, ALL personal details of living children is hidden.

If you wish to change the way you (or your immediate family) are displayed (more/less information, completely hidden, etc.) please contact me and I will honor your request.