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curry - 1
  • Kare Raisu: preparing the roux of butter and flour.
curry - 3
  • Kare Raisu: mixing up all the spices (both cooked and uncooked).
curry - 4
  • Kare Raisu: after blending the spices, they're folded into the roux.
curry - 5
  • Kare Raisu: blending all the spices requires plenty of wrist action.
curry - 6
  • Kare Raisu: after the spices are blended into the roux, the material is divided evenly into 3 small baking dishes.
curry - 7
  • Kare Raisu: Dividing the mixture into 3 small baking dishes. These will be refrigerated before cutting up into 27 bricks.
curry - 8
  • Kare Raisu: as you smooth them, the material becomes pliant (like concrete if you've ever played with that).
curry - 2
  • Kare Raisu: Some of the spices used in preparing the bricks.
curry - 9
  • Kare Raisu served with condiments: raisins, chopped walnuts, chopped scallions, pickled ginger.