Julia’s Feather

Julia Burns

She’d just returned from Egypt after her 3rd trip…or was it Israel?

“What kind of trip?” I asked.

“You know, when the war was going on?”

“Oh.” She then proceeded to tell me about when she lived with the Hopi chiefs.

By that time I was back in Santa Barbara. You know, many of the healers from Santa Barbara ended up here in Ashland. Anyway, I gathered up all my stuff, threw it into my VW van, and headed first to Utah and then south.

I ended up living a couple weeks on the Hopi reservation and camped in parts of their land even they found too spooky.

“No way willy,” they said. I just drove up there–maybe it was only a week–and had a ball.

Later, I was with the chief and he said, ‘Wait here because I have something for you.’ Now you know it’s illegal for anyone to have an eagle feather except Native Americans, but did you know that chiefs can give you a feather and it’s OK. Well, he opened his hand and presented me with a gift—this tiny little feather; almost down. I hung it from my van’s mirror for protection.

I’m 80 now so I guess it worked.

Sure convinced me.