Sunrise, Sunset, Swiftly Flow the Years…

One season following another,
Laden with happiness and tears.
—Music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

The reshaping of your life’s journey will be wonderful. Accept the transition as one does any monumental change; grow with it, nurture it, and cherish the fond memories as they slowly transform into nourishment for the future.

From the perspective of the viewer, the significant difference between a sunrise and a sunset is the direction you’re facing and perhaps the beverage you’re consuming while enjoying the show. OK, that was pretty corny. But what are consistent to both are the horizon, its Kodachrome-like warmth, and the limitless events awaiting one’s commitment—for that day, that evening, or that lifetime. Enjoy every moment and know you’re in our thoughts. [from Jerry Bryan’s retirement card]