Changing Directions

Traveling through our career years, day-to-day responsibilities consume our lives and, as we hone our skills and take them to new levels, personal satisfaction transcends outside scrutiny as we master our game. Pretty remarkable, when viewed in hindsight, how much we accomplish during those 30-40 working years.

Fast forward to a completely different paradigm, with one’s former colleagues meandering off on a different path. So long, pals. This new course is somehow different, however, and after a spell, the change becomes apparent—a new focus that’s absorbing, challenging and thoroughly satisfying. We follow no one else’s agenda or regimen—it’s ours to cultivate, nurture, and enjoy.

This photo was taken at about 6,000 feet in the Chiracahua National Monument, almost one year to the date of the catastrophic Horseshoe fire of 2011. As we hiked through a forlorn stand of snags that once canopied the enchanting Echo Park, I experienced a different grove—one of serenity, change, and hope. There was no reason for sadness because we were on that different path, embracing its character and savoring its presence.

Enjoy every moment of this new direction, and know you’re in our thoughts. [from Leslie Hall Bryan’s retirement card]