River Circles Fiber Art Project

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Sooney has completed her first fiber art circle that represents 5 miles of the Klamath River that extends over 265 miles in Southern Oregon and Northern California. The inspiration for this project came from Diana Kosei Hartel and Madrona Arts, an Oregon-based nonprofit. The River Circles Community Fiber Art Project was hosted by Goly Ostovar on Wednesday evenings and the participants worked on their circles in her lovely home, sharing materials and of course, food! Reprinted below is the introduction from their gallery poster:

River Circles were created from recycled fabric, yarn, and objects. This on-going community project aims to create one River Circle for each five miles of the Klamath River. Some of the last remaining wild Pacific salmon spawn in this river. We intend to bring attention to their plight and to the tribes who have lived on the Klamath and its tributaries for over 7000 years and who depend on the salmon for their culture and livelihood.