Digital Media 201: The “Collage” Project

Here are the 2 compositions that compose Project 2, The Collage.

This was quite an interesting project, and the learning curve quite steep. IThis project was significant because of my learning how to mask areas from bleeding into other layers. The steps are listed here for future reference: begin with 2 layers (e.g. “photo” and “window”) and duplicate “window” (for safe keeping). Place the photo exactly where it is to appear in final project (use Free Transform ⌘-T to tweak). Then, on the (copy of the) window layer, select the area that is intended to permit the photo to be viewed. Marching ants will highlight this selection area. Finally, click on the Photo layer and click the layer mask button at bottom of layer’s palette. The area that is masked will no longer be visible through the “window.”

The topic of the two compositions are somewhat related. The “mechanical” piece is a compilation of photos taken while visiting Finland. The large tool is actually a steam engine and I learned how to delete areas using the magic wand tool and the clear (Edit Menu) command. With transparent windows created, it made sense to have scenes from the natural world peering through. That was the challenge, and I think I succeeded.

Finally, text was added on three separate layers. I particularly like the one from the film Social Network about living in the Internet. The transition from the industrial age to the present is depicted in this composition.

The second composition is a celebratory piece for our daughter’s 30th birthday. It incorporated all the steps learned in the first piece and was well-received.