Julianne Helping Nick Learn to Skate (c. 1951)

This project had me take a snippet from some digitized 16mm Kodachrome movies (using Final Cut Express), resize the large file into something suitable for the web (using Quicktime) and, finally, modify the HTML code in WordPress so the movie is embedded in the post. There may be a short delay while the file loads for streaming, so please be patient. (The speed of the streaming is dependent on the download rate of one’s Internet connectivity).

The footage was taken in the back yard of Olga and Angelo Pipilo, Olga being my mother’s sister and her husband. Their home was located on 1224 Journey’s End Drive in La Cañada, California, and Olga was probably responsible for the outfits. Our family lived with Olga and Angelo for a year while our house (4714 Lasheart Dr., La Cañada, CA) was being built.