Oregon Coast & the Redwoods with Catie

Click on Catie’s Palm for a gallery of pix.

We had such a good time when nephew Christopher visited us in southern Oregon, a trip that included fish tacos and some great hikes in the Redwoods National Park. So, when his sister Catie flew in from NY a month later, we dialed in some gorgeous weather and repeated the itinerary. Boring? No way!

In addition to the traditional tacos at the Chart Room and hiking to the unbelievable Boy Scout tree (accessible from Howling Hill Rd. that meanders through the Redwoods), we camped in a Yurt at Harris Beach State Park in Brookings. The yurt was heated, clean, and met our needs perfectly. We Sunday evening, having spent the day in Ashland at a remarkable OSF performance of Party People. After a day of fun on the coast, Monday night was a big disappointment because the local lumber mill resumed operation, and churned out lumber throughout the night—good for the local economy, bad for light sleepers wishing to be lulled to sleep by breakers crashing a mere hundred yards away.