A Collection of Family Photos

This book [ NOW MOVIE ] project began in the summer of 2013 when Sooney’s sister, Carol, and her husband, Jim, visited Sooney and Nick at their home in Ashland, Oregon. Looking through the massive collection of family photos, Carol selected her favorites and requested a copy of each. When their son, Chris, came to visit in November, he helped make her wish a reality and this iPhoto book is the result.

Included are hi-resolution scans of studio portraits that were often taken on large negative cameras. The detail of these images is stunning. Most of the candids of Carol’s family were taken by her film-maker father, Don Hoster, while working as a press photographer for the Los Angeles Daily News. And then there are the wonderful snapshots by unverified photographers who share equal billing for their contributions to this project.

To view a movie of the book, click on Don Hoster’s cover photo of a wee Carol and her mother, Myrle. A 6:33 minute sound movie should open on your device—computers, iPads, and iPhones should all work (please contact me if it doesn’t so I can learn how to fix it). Enjoy the book and be a part of Carol’s surprise.

The link to the book/movie is < viani.us/mov/crichards/crichards.mov >.