One Submission to the “Oregon” Series

Barbara Tricarico is a wonderful neighbor and a terrific photographer. She has, over the years, published several compilations of photographs, most by her and other local photographers, and continues to amaze with her myriad collections. They’re featured in local bookstores and readily scooped up by tourists as souvenirs of their visit.

Her most recent effort is a coffee table edition on Oregon, complemented by a mini books series featuring Oregon’s unique regions (Oregon Coast, Central Oregon, Southern Oregon are currently available). This post from her Facebook page displays my photo of our Hungarian cousins diving into the frigid water of Crater Lake. I’m flattered to have her consider my photos worthy (there are several more in the series), and share this with pride.

Same day, different dive. Cousin Áron has featured this image on his Facebook page. My personal favorite from the shoot is from a different perspective: