Pollinators in Paradise

Click to view other pollinators in our garden.

Along with a compilation of bird portraits located elsewhere on this site, other visitors to our residence on Paradise Lane have become interesting subjects supporting my penchant for portrait photography— bees, hummingbirds, flies, moths, butterflies, and other pollinators passing through our neighborhood. Since we’ve used no poisons while landscaping our ½ acre, I like to think we’ve created a magical garden for these tiny critters to savor the juicy nectar banks located throughout our yard.

What’s surprising is how close I’ve been able to get to my subjects, their attention on pollination and not on the huge Canon 100-400mm lens nearby. It’s with considerable pleasure that this photo compilation is published and periodically updated, validating the effort (and success!) put into maintaining the vegetation we’ve provided as part of our seminal landscaping project.